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Tapi Link for GoldMine

Tapi Link for GoldMine®

Tapi Link for GoldMine® enables users to automatically dial their phone and present a caller’s contact details when the phone is ringing (Screen Pop).

Once installed, Tapi Link becomes an integral part of GoldMine® and enables users to dial from directly within GoldMine® using a variety of methods.

Tapi Link Install Guide.pdf
Tapi Link Configuration Guide.pdf

tapi link for GoldMine


  • Automatically display incoming caller’s information
  • Automatically dial contacts directly from the GoldMine contact record
  • Displays selective fields from GoldMine with incoming calls
  • Automatically display a Complete Call dialog box
  • Search CallerID number or CallerID Text
  • Display caller info even when GoldMine is not running
  • Customizable on-screen keypad
  • Supports hold, blind transfer, last number redial, supervised transfer and many other features

Tapi Link for GoldMine will present calling party contact details over any Windows application when the phone is ringing and searches not only the main telephone number (Phone1) but any other telephone number associated with that record (Phone2, Phone3) as well as all numbers listed under the Additional Contacts Tab. This is done automatically, which means that it doesn’t matter whether your contact is calling from their business office, their mobile phone or even their home office. If you have their number listed on the GoldMine® record, Tapi Link will present the information. And if it’s an entirely new caller, Tapi Link can create and capture that information into a brand new contact record.

You can select up to five fields from your caller’s GoldMine® record to view with an incoming call or have the GoldMine® record displayed automatically before you answer the telephone, improving your response times and the levels of service you provide to your clients.

Tapi Link for GoldMine® is very easy to install. After running the installation program you just need to select a few options from the Tapi Link setup screen. This allows you to decide – how you want information presented, and which particular information you want presented.

Because Tapi Link for GoldMine® communicates with your telephony device using Microsoft Tapi, you can use Tapi Link whether you are a single user, or part of a team using a larger switchboard.  All you need is an approved Tapi device or switchboard that supports the Microsoft Tapi standard. If you are not sure whether your telephony hardware will work with Tapi Link for GoldMine® simply contact us to discuss your needs further.


1 User      –     $159.00
5 Users     –     $625.00
10 Users   –  $1,125.00
25 Users   –  $2,479.00

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