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GoldMine Installation Services

GoldMine Installation ServicesGoldMine Installation Services

If you are a first time GoldMine owner and have just purchased or are planning on purchasing GoldMine for the first time, First Direct Corp. can assist you with your GoldMine installation and user setup and configuration.

We will assist with the proper installation and configuration of your MS SQL Server installation, as well as the GoldMine CRM application. Once your GoldMine installation is complete we assist with the proper setup and configuration of your GoldMine user accounts to ensure all users are properly configured, have the correct access rights, ability to send/receive emails, in addition to any other GoldMine functionality that you require.

After the GoldMine installation and MS SQL Server install we also install and configure proper backups to ensure you’re prepared for any potential data loss or technical issues that might arise that would require a proper backup recovery.

In addition to the GoldMine installlation, we also can assist with workstation installs, remote laptop installs, MS Office Integration for Outlook, Word and Excel, not to mention many of the GoldMine Add-on products as well.