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Getting Started With GoldMine Training Videos

This series of 7 short videos will show you the easy steps for installation and getting started with GoldMine Premium.

  1. Installing SQL
  2. Installing GoldMine
  3. Installing Premium Edition Client/Workstation
  4. Adding GoldMine Users
  5. Adding Fields
  6. First File Import

Please note:

A typical SQL & GoldMine installation and setup can take 2+ hours. These videos are provided by the manufacturer of GoldMine software and may or may not contain all the steps need for a proper installation of SQL and/or GoldMine. It is highly recommended that you speak to and work with one of our GoldMine technicians who have many years of experience (15+) in upgrading, installing and migrating GoldMine applications and data.

Installing SQL

Installing GoldMine

Installing GoldMine Premium Edition Client/Workstation

Adding GoldMine Users

Adding Custom Fields

First File Import

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