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GoldMine Cloud

GoldMine Cloud – Get more from the cloud with GoldMine Cloud workspaces.

 GoldMine Cloud

GoldMine Cloud offers customers with Windows server-based applications but looking to off-load their on-premises server equipment an affordable hosting option.

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GoldMine Cloud

Goldmine Cloud is a virtual desktop that allows:

  • Greatly reduced reliance on your IT resources
  • Run other applications from one account – save money
  • Interoperability of multiple applications in one desktop environment
  • Data security and back up
  • You can leverage a Shared User for occasional users to save cost


  • Access from All Devices: Yes
  • Mac Compatible: Yes
  • PDF Reader/Writer: Yes
  • Free Technical Support for Network Access issues:: Yes
  • Universal Printer Support: Yes
  • Automatic Nightly Backups: Yes
  • nWorkspace Control Panel: Yes
  • Company Storage (I: Drive) 60 GB per Company****
  • Add-on Services and Applications Options and Pricing


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