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Email Campaign Tracker


EmailCampaignTracker.com integrates your Email Marketing system  (Mailchimp, Constant Contact, GoldMine, etc) with your GoldMine CRM system by allowing you to create trackable email hyperlinks that you can insert (copy/paste) into your Email Marketing Systems email campaign.

When your email recipients click on your trackable email hyperlinks, Email Campaign Tracker will update your GoldMine contact records with the information about who clicked the link, what link they clicked, and the date/time the recipient clicked the link.  You can even generate “Call To Action” hyperlinks for things such as:

  • Request a Sales Call
  • Request a Quote/Proposal
  • Request a Demo
  • Request a Free Trial
  • Register for an Event
  • Subscribe/Sign-up (if sending via GoldMine)
  • UnSubscribe (if sending via GoldMine)

Once your email recipients’ contact record is updated in GoldMine, you can trigger GoldMine Automated Processes to immediately initiate workflow/automated follow-up within GoldMine CRM. For instance when a user clicks a specific hyperlink (ie. request a sales call) you can:

  • Schedule a call, a next action, an appointment, etc. for a specific GoldMine user or an assigned GoldMine user based on a field value, etc.
  • Trigger a series of drip emails to be sent out to the contact over a period of time.
  • Update a field on the contact record
  • Add the contact record to a group
  • Plus much more…

Now that your email campaigns click track results are stored in your GoldMine CRM database, you can generate reports based on who clicked on what links, who opened or who unsubscribed, etc. All your campaigns activity results are at your finger-tips in your CRM system and you can be alerted immediately when recipients click on your campaigns hyperlinks.

Use your preferred email marketing system (Mailchimp, Constant Contact, GoldMine, etc) to send and manage your email marketing campaigns and use EmailCampaignTracker.com to track your email recipients email click activity in your GoldMine CRM system.


EmailCampaignTracker.com offers a 30 Day Free Trial with no credit card required. At the end of your 30 day free trial, sign-up for either a $50/month subscription or a $500/year subscription, you can cancel your subscription at anytime.


If you use Mailchimp for your email marketing system it is recommended to use DBX Mailchimp Connect to upload your Contacts from your GoldMine CRM to your Mailchimp subscriber lists. You can also manage your hard bounces and your unsubscribes as well.

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