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Time Management Tips & Tricks with GoldMine




PLEASE NOTE: This is an online training class. Please register online before purchasing your seats to attend this online training class. After registering, you will be redirected back to this page to order your seats. Training class date and time information also available on the event registration page.

CRM software should let you get more done in less time. And, get the important stuff done. That’s a not just a vision – it’s a reality. A GoldMine user can do more with GoldMine than without – by far!! But like any “tool,” you need to know how to use it. If you want to work like a pro – learn from a pro.

Your trainer for this event is a GoldMine power-user who started using GoldMine before MS Windows was even available. That’s right, the DOS days. So he’s old! But this “old guy” is here to tell you he can kick any youngster’s butt when it comes to business productivity because he knows every trick in the book when it comes to managing his time and getting more done with GoldMine.

See how to Get It Done with GoldMine:

  • Setting your GoldMine Preferences up the right way
  • Using Auto-fill and drop downs for speed entry
  • Prioritizing your workload with filters, queries, and sorting
  • Increase productivity with shortcuts and quick-tasks
  • Automating follow-up
  • Delegating and leveraging other staff
  • Doing your day in a more systematic way with GoldMine
  • Learn why I stay in GoldMine for Email and Calendar

This class is designed for people with a heavy workload who know they have to work smarter to survive! It’s also great for anyone on commission who wants to increase their numbers and their income. Take an hour to learn how you can save hundreds of hours – attend this webinar.

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