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How An Office Administrator Uses GoldMine


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PLEASE NOTE: This is an online training class. Please register online before purchasing your seats to attend this online training class. After registering, you will be redirected back to this page to order your seats. Training class date and time information also available on the event registration page.

I know our companies are different, but our office administrative staff does a lot of the same stuff! My office administrator is not a computer expert – she is a “creature of habit” who freaks out when anything happens with her computer because she relies so heavily on GoldMine! So there is nobody better to show your office administrator(s) how GoldMine’s BASIC features help them do their day!

GoldMine CRM is a tool that should be embraced by your office administrative staff. The features it offers are a perfect fit for the administrative tasks they do. First Direct’s office administrator has over 10 years experience to prove it!

In addition to being the #1 award-winning GoldMine and QuoteWerks dealer over the last ten years, no firm has used GoldMine more than First Direct to operate business. And, as our office administrator will tell you, GoldMine plays an integral and essential part in the administration of daily business functions such as:

  • Lead Distribution
  • Office Tasks
  • Collections
  • Customer Service and Relations
  • Vendor Management
  • Renewals and Expirations
  • Documenting Activities and Communications

With all the focus on marketing & sales, we believe it’s time to put a light on whatoffice administrators do and show them how GoldMine can be used more effectively. That’s the reason for this webinar.

Join us for a very practical, NON-technical class, taught by and from the perspective of First Direct’s own Office Manager.

Topics covered:

  • Follow-up Not Forgotten – I have a memory like an elephant thanks to GoldMine!
  • Kill me if I didn’t have GoldMine Email
  • Document or Die – Can’t tell you how many times GoldMine has saved me and my firm
  • My Lists have Lists – Working a List … it’s what I do all day long
  • Don’t Stand Over Me Please – The office gives me things to do and I give them things to do and nobody is disrupted
  • Thank You – I hear that a lot because customers know when they ask me to check into something for them I will get back to them, thanks to GoldMine
  • Ask GoldMine – Where did you save that? When did you do that? What is the expiration date? If you need to know something about a customer, it’s in GoldMine.

This class is an investment in one of your most valuable people, your office administrator. When your office administrative staff is more efficient and productive, the whole organization benefits!

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