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How to Manage Documents with GoldMine


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PLEASE NOTE: This is an online training class. Please register online before purchasing your seats to attend this online training class. After registering, you will be redirected back to this page to order your seats. Training class date and time information also available on the event registration page.

Work more effectively as an organization through better document management procedures.

There are numerous features that GoldMine Premium offers to help you work more effectively with documents and other information. Some are apparent and others are much less obvious. It is one thing to know about a feature and another to apply it, let alone find creative uses for it. This webinar is intended to help you both learn and better apply GoldMines document management capabilities.

  • You will discover new ways to store, share, and access various file types (e.g. Word, Excel, PDF, Images, etc.)
  • See and discover tricks that you would not find in manuals
  • Incorporate what you learn to immediately start working more effectively with the methods covered in this web-based training event.

This event will pay for itself as you and your oganization become more productive by applying the practical and easy-to-use ideas covered.

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