5 Ways To Increase Sales Through Reporting & Analysis

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5 Ways To Increase Sales Through Reporting & Analysis



PLEASE NOTE: This is an online training class. Please register online before purchasing your seats to attend this online training class. After registering, you will be redirected back to this page to order your seats. Training class date and time information also available on the event registration page.

Reporting & analysis can be used as a means to increase sales and profitability.  Reporting enables us to get “data” out of a database system. But did it ever occur to you to use reporting as a tool for getting information into your database – let alone as a tactic for increasing sales activity.

We all accept reporting as a means for management to evaluate business activity of one type or another. Reports provide management with the information and insights they need to formulate the “big picture” and make decisions.

This webinar considers other potential values of reporting & analysis. This webinar will:

  • Present fives ways to use reporting to increase sales and profitability
  • Explore what is worth reporting
  • Explain the relationship between form and function with reporting
  • Provide success tips and what to keep in mind as you move forward

This class is intended for business owners, sales managers, and other leaders and influencers within an organization.   No knowledge of reporting is needed and this topic will not be technical in nature.  An understanding of GoldMine software and CRM in general is applicable.

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