Client Testimonials

The service and guidance we have received from First Direct has been extraordinary. We are very pleased with the progress that has been made as a result.

Alayne Kerbert , Marketing Manager
Tevis Energy, Inc.

Your company is very service oriented … thank you for all your support.
You guys are the best!

Steve Glover , IT Consultant
Sporthings & More

Working with First Direct is great. They take ownership, they care, and they find solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems.

Todd Davis , President/CEO
Harlem Wizards Entertainment Basketball, Inc.

… I also, wanted both of you to know that having your support for the past 3 years since Jose’s departure has been invaluable to me. You both have been there to answer my questions and work thru various projects with me and since everyone was depending on me, I was able to lean on the both of you which gave me comfort. I hope your other clients value you as much as I do!

Coral Mercedes , Operations Manager
Manhattanville College

Your service was beyond expectations. Great, pleasure to work with! I wish you were my first stop.

Joe Turi , President
Myriad Benefits